Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Broadside: Danette Beavers: Color Blind

Dear Santiago Writers,

Many of you know that I am only able to squeak one hour per day of writing time out of my Mon-Fri madness. Well, today I was granted three whole hours (a trip to bounty). Then my husband phoned.
            "Will you be going to the market this morning?" he asked.
            "Hadn't planned to," I said.
            "Well, Max needs an orange t-shirt for school, and the one he's wearing is red."
            "It's ORANGE."
            "It looks red to me," said my husband.
            "Right. I'll do the best I can."
            "Because, you know, it looks really red," he said.
            "Right. I'll do the best I can."
Then I hung up the phone. And what I said when the line went dead wasn’t very literary.
Write, ladies. Write like it’s saving your life. (If you’re anything like I am, it is.)

With lots of carin-yo,


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