Monday, November 24, 2014

First Word: Larissa Higgins: Interview


"I can see auras, you know. And yours is just the littlest bit blue."
            I blinked at him. Not a test, just a man, a happy man in his own office.
            "Are you nervous?"
            "A little."  I said. "I've been doing this since October, and every single  time there is something -"             
            He grinned at me, red hair, florid face -"Do tell."             
            "The Department of Education sent me the wrong forms. I spent weeks over Christmas getting references from people who weren't in their offices, and when I turned in the application, the head office in Adelaide called me to say that it was all wrong - come back next term and start again. The Special School isn't hiring right now.  The TAFE only wants field staff, and up at the Catholic School - I imagine you heard about that."             
            He nodded judiciously. "Her aura was brown. Not a nice color at all. What the school board was on about appointing a woman like that as principal, I don't know! Did I tell you I used to be the principal up at Hansen Avenue?  I had to work with her quite closely. The whole school was going brown by the end of last year, and when she started hiring in January, everyone in the resource department had turned green-"  He broke off and nodded. "What did you think of her?"             
            "She's nuts." I said, and met him squarely in both eyes.             
            He barked with laughter. "You'll do." He said, and held out a large, square hand.  "Maths and English, Tuesdays, specializing in times tables and spelling for the parentally under-equipped.  Welcome to the club."

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