Wednesday, November 12, 2014

First Word: Tessa Too-Kong: Emerge

A butterfly emerges from a chrysalis – metamorphosis, symbol of rebirth; emerge from your shell; emerging markets; E-merge, as in how to merge the craft of writing with e-marketing – Charmaine being our goddess! Emerging from hibernation – thank God the spring is here, that I can emerge from my SAD state! (What a large word and what will emerge from my thoughts but the procession of dates my life has become, a calendar of events of which I have only vague recollections of significance – like a hamster on a wheel, I keep pedaling on with no goal in sight…). Emerging hints at a time of waiting, of transformation, of expectation even… of something exciting going on behind the scenes that will be revealed eventually. Words have nuances that are difficult to capture in another language.
            My granddaughter can be surprisingly shy and bashful when put in the spotlight, so I have to curb my instinct to film her every performance. She will have to become an actress. On the paternal side, she has her great-grandmother’s sense of theatre, her great-aunt’s magpie love of bling, my father’s eidetic memory and playfulness, and my perfectionism, shyness and love of music and dance. She has her paternal grandfather’s sense of timing and performance, her father’s temper and sweetness of temperament, her mother’s gentleness, need for order and attention to detail, plus (heaven knows) what other values and characteristics from her maternal side. What will emerge from that fiery cauldron of talents, I wonder…

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